NewsGator v0.5

Well, it figures…as soon as I drop v0.4 to the web, I get the problem fixed that was nagging at me. This was the problem where the “NewsGatorView” view in Outlook would not be correctly created much of the time, and often would not be correctly applied to news folders. All taken care of now. Note that views are only created when running Outlook 2002.

I was probably the only one who knew about, or even noticed, this problem…but it drove me crazy. :-)

Release 0.5 is now available for download. If you’re upgrading from v0.4, read the release notes on the download site for details on what you should do to get the view working correctly.

5 thoughts on “NewsGator v0.5

  1. Bryce

    I’m one of those evil people who logs in as Administrator. The first time I installed 0.5, the view wasn’t created and the permissions on HKCU\Software\RAI were read-only. I un-installed, re-installed, and fixed the permissions before starting Outlook again. The view is there and I can edit NewsGator settings, but RSS items are showing only the subjects, no content.

  2. Sam Gentile

    Upgraded. Greg, this just rocks (I will hopefully post on this if I end my exile) but this has just eliminated Radio for me (I’m not posting right now) as Outlook is where I spend a great deal of my day in. Fine work!


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