Outlook News Aggregator Problems Resolved

Whew!  Pretty sure we have this one nailed now.  Many of you were getting a problem where messages would download, but only the title would be shown in Outlook – not the message body.

To fix this, you need to install Office XP Service Pack 2, and then install the December 4, 2002 Outlook 2002 Update.  Both can be found on the Office Update siteYou must install both updates.

I have also added a test application here – if you’re having problems, download it, extract it to the same directory as olnews, and run it.  It’s a console application, and it should add a single message to the “Greg Reinacker’s Weblog” folder.  You can use it to make sure the Outlook integration is working correctly.

Thanks for bearing with me here!  This problem was pretty difficult to reproduce – my development machine is up to date with the Outlook updates, so I never saw the problem until you guys brought it up!

7 thoughts on “Outlook News Aggregator Problems Resolved

  1. Sam Gentile

    Problem. I did just install all 3 SPs and now I get an ACCVIO saying that “Could not find Aggie.xfg.orig” but it’s right there in the directory

  2. Sam Gentile

    Scratch that-) That happens if you drag the file out on to the desktop and don’t run from the directory – maybe you should GAC the assemblies….

  3. Greg Reinacker

    I’m going to try to address a bunch of the questions and issues from all the posts here in one place.

    1. Ziv, I don’t immediately plan to integrate the code into Aggie – really I’m using Aggie as more of a class library. More to come on this later.

    2. Steve, I am indeed considering making this into an Outlook add-in, mostly for the additional integration points that are available, and for a couple of other reasons I’m not going to talk about yet. :-)

    3. Sam, my guess is you’re using a Radio-generated OPML subscription file. If you do, you’ll get the problem you’re seeing. This is an Aggie limitation; to work around it, create a new OPML file, which looks like the myChannels.opml in the olnews distribution. The Radio version has some extra attributes that are causing the problem. If you remove all attributes from the
    <outline> elements except for “xmlurl”, it will re-generate the rest for you. Also remove the header stuff you have in the
    <head> element.

  4. Kenneth LeFebvre

    Apparently, my “No such interface supported” exception was NOT related to the SPs… I have just installed everything Office Update has to offer and I still get the same exception. Any ideas?
    Obviously, there’s something different on my machine than yours… I’m running Outlook 2002 on Windows XP with .NET Framework 1.0.


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