Runoffs – Wednesday

Our second day of qualifying was today.  I woke up this morning with a clear vision of what I had to do to make up a couple of tenths.  We went out on the track at 11:40am; the sun had been shining for a while, the temperature was getting warmer, and the track temperature was rising.  All in all, the track was slower this session; everyone in the top 7 went slower.  So, while I had the 3rd fastest time for the day, it doesn’t matter since many of us went faster yesterday.  So all in all, the top 7 positions on the provisional grid did not change today.

I did have a minor screw-up…turn 1 at Mid-Ohio is a very fast left-hander, where I normally lightly brush the brakes and go back to throttle shortly after turn-in.  Well, I tried to do it today without braking, just a quick lift; however, I turned in a bit too early, had to tighten in the middle of the turn, and ended up driving off the outside at the exit of the turn.  Bounced around in the grass a little, but no major damage other than a broken bolt holding the alternator bracket.  I know it’s possible; I just need to be a little smoother.  Maybe tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be a very fast session – we go out at 9:15am.  As long as the track is dry, we’re all expecting it to be very fast. 

So all in all, an uneventful day; but I gained quite a bit of confidence, turning a faster time than many of the cars ahead of me.  And I was only 0.138 seconds slower than the provisional pole-sitter.

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