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Amy Davis – American Idol

For the first time ever, I’ve started watching American Idol this year. And imagine my surprise when I see that Amy Davis is one of the final 24 contestants.

Just over a year ago, I spent a week on a small island near St. Thomas, doing a series of photo shoots. One of the models was Amy Davis. I remember thinking wow, beautiful and talented model…but then I heard her sing – and omigosh, I was at a loss for words. :-)

Anyway, Amy’s a sweetheart…and I’ve got literally hundreds of photos of her. So in the interest of helping her win, I’m going to post one previously unpublished photo here every week she stays in the competition. Vote for her, and you get another photo. :-)

Here’s the first one of Amy, wearing a NewsGator shirt, of course using NewsGator Go! on her Treo (this was shot as part of a shoot for a potential ad campaign which we never ran):


There are a couple more shots (swimwear, fashion) of her in my photography portfolio – go take a look if you’d like!