Alex Zanardi

In September 2001, Alex Zanardi was involved in a horrific accident in a CART race at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz in Germany. He spun on the pit road re-entering the track with 13 laps remaining, and was hit by another car moving at nearly 200mph. He lost both of his legs in that accident.

Today, CART returned to Lausitz, and before the race, Alex was allowed to run 13 laps in a specially prepared car with hand controls. Not one to take it easy, Alex was flat on the throttle by the 4th lap, and ran a lap over 194mph. It’s hard to know if the car was in qualifying trim, but if so, that lap would have put Zanardi on row 3 of the grid for today’s race.

Alex, congratulations on what must have been an amazing day for you. You’re an inspiration to drivers everywhere.

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  1. Matt Berther

    I remember this accident, and remember a few days afterwards Alex made a statement that he would be back in a car as soon as possible.

    I found this statement very hard to believe, but I am very glad that he made it happen.

    Alex has always been one of my favorite CART racers, although he has had a few issues with staying in control.

    My congratulations to Alex as well, and here’s hoping that he can end up back in a real race soon.

  2. Aizat Azri Azhar

    I watched the race live in ESPN. The accident was so horrible. I can’t forget the sad moment when Alex’s car was hit. It’s still fresh in my mind until now. A few month later, i saw an article about Alex in a car magazine. He said, “My doctor said, it’s hard for me to walk, but I’m ready for that!”. Look at his determination! I cried instantly after reading that statement. Congratulations Alex!!!!

  3. D. Helen Ellis

    I remember reading an article in a racing magazine about this accident. Prior to reading this story, I first looked at the photos of the accident. I thought too myself “Wholly @#&%”. But then as I continued to look at the photos more closely it was then that the realization hit me and what had actually occured when the front of Alex Zanardi race car was hit by the other race car. All I could say was “Oh My God!”

    As I started to read this article thoughts came across my mind from “How could he have survived such a horrific crash!” to “WHY would he want to RACE AGAIN?” But after I finished reading I began to cry a little! I realized just how brave and strong and the determination that was within this race car driver named Alex Zanardi to beat the odds that were against him and to prove to himself and the world that he has not been beaten and his love for the sport was still alive and well.

    I pay more attention to Drag Racing & Nascar. I’ve been in love with racing since I was a little girl. So I really didnt know too much about Zanardi but thats has now forever changed. He has a new fan in me and in Indy Racing/Cart. He in my book is the greatest and bravest race car driver of this century. Congratulations Zanardi you’ve gotten this far so don’t stop. Its time to let the competition see nothing but RUBBER!

  4. Santiago Orozco C.

    Alex: Te admiramos mucho.tienes un gran espíritu luchador y valiente.Dios te bendiga y oraré por ti con mis papás. soy colombiano y vivo feliz .



    Tengo 9 años


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