NewsGator v0.4 Released!

NewsGator (formerly the Outlook News Aggregator) version 0.4 has been released and may now be downloaded from This is a major release; a few highlights:

  • NewsGator is an Outlook add-in, fully integrated with Outlook’s user interface.
  • Works with both Outlook 2000 and 2002.
  • Respects online/offline settings in Outlook 2002.
  • Performance has been drastically improved.
  • Now has a subscription management GUI, including the ability to import subscription lists from Aggie, Radio, and other tools.

Download it and give it a try! Please post your experience here, or send to me privately. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “NewsGator v0.4 Released!

  1. Mike Gunderloy

    Version 0.4 does not appear to put the “new message” icon in the sytem tray when new news arrives(which version 0.2 did). But I’m not complaining – this is great stuff!

  2. Greg Reinacker

    Mike, you’re right; the icon was removed. The obvious place to put this information would be the Outlook status bar; sadly, Outlook does not allow programmatic access to it. I could put the task bar icon back, I suppose…thoughts, anyone?

  3. Stefan Smalla

    I agree. Some sort of notification needs to be there. Perhaps you could offer these options to the user to choose from:

    (1) no notification

    (2) system tray (by default), and actually I would not use some NewsGator logo (should you plan to make one in that size), but something more generic like Outlook does with its email symbol, just a newsfeed symbol if you will (like the V0.2 NewsGator logo)

    (3) balloon (something similar to what Windows is popping up all the time; this might be more convenient for some of the users)

    (4) sound (optional on top of all the other options)

    (5) shortly changing mouse pointer (optional on top of all the other options)


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