#22 – Up in smoke

#22 – Up in smoke, originally uploaded by gregr.

It seems the stock market hasn’t been kind to a lot of folks the last couple of days…so I thought I might try to illustrate how they are feeling!

This was taken as an in-camera double exposure; first I shot the bill on a black surface (with I think -1 exposure compensation), then shot the flame in my gas fireplace as the second part of the exposure. The camera’s auto-gain for multiple exposures was on, and the two exposures were blended as we see here. This is the first time I’ve actually done a double exposure in-camera…I think it worked well in this case!

#20 – Lights in the dark

#20 – Lights in the dark, originally uploaded by gregr.

A quick first try at light painting; this was in the garage tonight, lights completely out, camera shutter open for 6 seconds, and I moved around with a small flashlight highlighting certain parts of the car. And yes, the car was a little dirty. 🙂

I like this picture…I might have to try this some more!

#19 – Just gray

#19 – Just gray, originally uploaded by gregr.

I spent most of the day in the studio…and ironically didn’t take a 365 shot for today. There are some great shots from our shoot today, but I haven’t gone through them yet to post one. So…for today, you get a picture of the gray target we used for setting white balance, my assistant’s hand holding it, and a bit of a background we used for some of the shots. 🙂

#18 – Through the looking screen

#18 – Through the looking screen, originally uploaded by gregr.

We’ve all looked through window screens a million times. But how many times have we looked _at_ the screen? (best viewed larger – http://www.flickr.com/photos/gr2020/4286396216/sizes/o/)

Another shot I took on a whim, and ended up a little mesmerized while staring at it. Not saying I necessarily like it 🙂 – just that it freaks me out a little to stare at it.

#16 – Heads or tails?

#16 – Heads or tails?, originally uploaded by gregr.

The solution to many problems, flipping a coin!

For those who care about this sort of thing, this was taken in a single exposure using a flash (in this case a Nikon SB-800) in stroboscopic mode. Camera on a tripod, 1s exposure, pointed at a black background. Flash was off to camera left, connected to a radio trigger. When the shutter was open, I threw the coin and pressed the button on my flash trigger, which triggered the flash to fire at 20 flashes per second, capturing the motion of the quarter.