#27 – Fill ‘er up

#27 – Fill ‘er up, originally uploaded by gregr.

I was stopped at a light at this particular angle, and saw all the pumps lined up as you see here. I grabbed a camera before my light turned green, and hung out the window to take the shot. Not a masterpiece, but I find it sort of cool.

2 thoughts on “#27 – Fill ‘er up”

  1. Ha ha!! I do a lot of “drive-by shooting”. Since I’m on the road 2-1/2 hours a day, I always keep the camera set (best as I can guess) with lens cap off and ready to go. If I see something interesting, I just shoot while I’m moving. Many times, if the angle is just right and I like the picture, I’ll find time later to stop (or slow down) and take it again.

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